Mountain View Natural Medicine is a full-service naturopathic medical clinic. Our mission is to provide outstanding naturopathic primary and specialty care to Vermonters.

Dr’s Lorilee Schoenbeck, Michael Gravett, Sara Norris, Nicole Kearney see patients from newborns to old age.

Naturopathic medicine can be used as primary care for most health concerns, including: Women’s health:  routine gyn exams, menopause, PMS, fertility, bleeding issues, abnormal Paps, breast health and more.

General practice: including digestive disorders, depression and anxiety, thyroid and other hormone health, headaches, colds/flus, UTIs and more.
Prevention:  nutritional consultations, weight management, stress reduction, lifestyle counseling and more.
Complementary medicine:  augmenting care during cancer treatment, surgery and other serious health concerns.

Our goal is to treat the whole person, strengthen your innate healing response, teach you how to stay well and use the least invasive, most natural remedies appropriate to your individual situation.  We are experts in the clinical use of herbal and nutrient medicines, lifestyle counseling, nutrition, homeopathy and other natural medicines,  We are trained in the safe utilization of combined natural and conventional medications for our patients who use both.  We typically spend 30-60 minutes with patients, allowing us to really get to know you and care for your whole being.  We think you will like this kind of approach to general health care!

Our practice is covered by all Vermont-based insurances, including BCBS of VT, Cigna, Medicaid/VHAP, MVP, VT Managed Care and CBA.