What to pay special attention to when writing a resume

Professional skills, knowledge and skills

This section is for skills and knowledge that will be useful in your desired position:

  • Degree of computer skills (programs you have worked with);
  • Your level of proficiency in foreign languages (fluent, with a dictionary; speaking, reading, and writing);
  • Other knowledge and skills necessary for professional activity;

The skills you list here are those that are directly related to the specific job duties of the job you want to do. Other skills may be listed in the additional information section.

Candidate's personal/contact information

Name, address, phone number (including area code), e-mail, Skype (if available), date of birth. Here you can also specify marital status and the presence of children, if necessary.

Purpose - A brief description of the position for which you are applying

If you are NOT applying for a specific position, do not list more than one position at a time, unless they are from a related field. Write separate resumes for each. You can specify a field of work that interests you.

Additional information or hobbies or awards and community service

Other information that may be of interest to the employer (car ownership, willingness to travel, marital status, personal qualities, and hobbies).
The item "awards and social activities" is included necessarily, as a person is often best recommended by social status: clubs, societies, awards, etc. Since our society does not have such a system, it is advisable to indicate what is at least indirectly related to the specialty.
You should not list whether or not you are a member of any parties or religious communities.

References Information

If you have chosen to indicate this information, you should do so:

  • Name of recommender;
  • Name of the referral;
  • His or her position;
  • Name of the organization where he/she works;
  • Contact information.

If you are not ready to include information about your recommenders directly in your resume words, you can limit yourself to the phrase: Recommendations are available upon request.
However, you should prepare a list of them - they may come in handy at the interview.
Think about who can give you references. It could either be a former employer, a supervisor or a teacher.

Date of the resume

You should conclude with the date your resume was written and your signature. Dating your resume increases the credibility of your interest in the job; an old date may indicate that the candidate has been looking for work for a long time without success.

Salary Expectations

It is desirable to specify the level of salary you expect. It is better to write about it in the cover letter to the resume, here you can also give any additional explanations to the resume.